File storage

File storage is a dedicated disk space used for storing images and documents.

Temporary file storage is required when using the Tasks application. For example, a courier has finished the delivery and filled out the form by attaching the photo of the signed document. Once submitted, that picture will be stored in your account’s file storage and will be available for viewing on your platform.

To see information on the available file storage:

  1. Log in to a user account.
  2. Click on your User ID in the upper left menu.
  3. Select Account in the dropdown.
  4. Check the currently available file storage.

Managing your file storage size

Each user gets 1 GB of file storage.
For those, who frequently use file attachments, there is the Automatically delete files option.
It will allow you to avoid running out of free space by rewriting old files with the new ones.

!Note: This feature can be as well enabled from the Account section.