Working statuses

Statuses are used to track current employee activity (in fact, of tracking devices owned by employees). The simplest example is “busy” | “not busy.” This is a status listing consisting of two elements (statuses). Users can assign different trackers to different status lists.

This panel allows you to assign and create status lists and statuses for them.

Available status lists

You can choose one of the available status lists for the device. To choose click one of them and save.

Change status lists with the edit button.

To create a new list click on New statuses list button.

Status lists create/edit

When you click New statuses list button the status list management window opens with a new list to create. Specify its name and click Add button to create.

Use + to add a new status to the list. There you can specify its name and choose a color.

Allow to change status:

By user – if the status can be changed by the employee on his phone using the X-GPS tracker app.

By observer – if the status can be changed by the operator in the monitoring app.