A form is an electronic document which is attached to a task. Employees fill out forms during or after having completed a task using the X-GPS Tracker mobile app. This way, an employee can easily and quickly send info on the task results to an office: client orders received, remote objects inspection report.

A form is created by a supervisor and contains adjustable text fields of the required content (text, data etc.) as well as separate fields for media files (photos, videos etc.)

How to start

To start using forms:

  1. Create a form containing the needed components.
  2. Schedule a task and attach a form to it.

There are 3 ways you can view the data from the completed forms:

  1. In the list of submitted forms you can view all the completed forms and look through its contents. More details.
  2. Via the instant notifications. You can receive instant notifications of forms being completed by mobile employees. For example, for operators sitting in an office it’ll be much easier to process the orders from sales representatives. Notifications are received via sms or email and contain a download link to a PDF file. More details.
  3. In the statistics report. You’ll get the statistics on the completed data in a table format. The table contains summary statistics on the selected components. More details.