Web interface

User interface is a rich web application which can be accessed with any modern web browser. The interface is stylish, flat-looking and intuitive.


As it’s been said, web interface is cross-browser and based on pure Asynchronous Javascript for providing smooth and responsive HTML5 applications, fast synchronization between all the different parts of the application, data fetching, processing, animations.

It does not use Java, Flash, Silverlight or anything else that requires installation of any software, plugins or extensions. All you need is a browser.

Web interface uses cookies and browser’s local storage. After software update (i.e. new features, bugfixes) user does not need to clear cache or make any special efforts: the newer code and all necessary interface elements will be downloaded and replaced automatically.

Mobile ready

For mobile users we recommend to download and use native mobile apps for iOS and Android, or light-weight web-interface, which will be advised automatically at the login page. Though the desktop web interface can also run on tablets, it can look a bit lazy on weak processors, but you’d rather try it yourself and see if it suits your needs.

Web Apps

The Apps can be considered as solid web interface modules which, however, are connected between themselves. Each App has its own purpose and contains data and tools convenient for a particular workflow process.

The common Apps which customers use and their main purposes are listed below:

  • Monitoring: Basic real-time tracking and history view on the map.
  • Rules: Conditions for catching up events and sending user notifications.
  • Reports: Analytics in tables and graphs.
  • Tasks: Mobile workforce management based on tasks and planning.
  • Fleet: Vehicle technical maintenance, Eco driving and Harsh driving.
  • Devices: Hardware and sensors configuration.