Eco driving report

Check how carefully your drivers use company vehicles using the Eco driving report

To create an Eco driving report:

1. In the “Fleet management” application go to the “Eco driving” section.

2. Indicate the time interval for which the report will be generated.

3. You can make adjustments to an interval, for example, exclude any weekdays from the report and determine the exact time range.

4. Set penalties for various types of violations:


Choose a method for speeding detection:

  • Preset value – the speed of all vehicles will be checked with the specified value.
  • From the vehicle data – the speed of all vehicles will be checked with the value indicated in the vehicle card

Indicate the penalty amount for speed limit overrun

Indicate the minimum duration of the violation for which the penalty is charged

Harsh Driving

The Harsh driving section allows you to track dangerous maneuvering, sudden acceleration and braking of the vehicle. Your GPS tracker must support the feature of Harsh driving.

To correctly detect harsh driving events, you need to set up a corresponding rule.

Indicate the penalty size depending on the type of dangerous maneuver.

Excessive idling

This section allows you to track idling with an engine running.

Indicate the penalty size, and the minimum duration of the violation for which a penalty is charged.

5. Choose a way to group data:

By objects — data will be grouped by GPS trackers installed on vehicles
By drivers — data will be grouped by drivers who drove cars in the reporting period. This method of grouping is convenient, for example, if drivers work by shifts. To correctly group the driver report data:

  • Fill in driver cards
  • Use the driver identification

After specifying all the necessary parameters, click the Generate report button.

6. In the final report you will see:

Drivers/objects raiting — based on the recorded violations, drivers/objects will receive a final rating. This will allow you to compare them with each other and identify the least accurate. The rating of drivers is indicated in the report on the Summary sheet.

Detailing for each driver/object – to analyze violations, use the detailed information on the sheet with the driver’s/object name.