Optimize route

Imagine that a courier needs to deliver packages to several addresses in different areas of the city. Moreover, each address has its own delivery time. How to quickly find the most optimal and convenient sequence for visiting each client? For such cases, there is a route optimization feature. The system can automatically determine the order for each point of the route task, taking into account the address, time and the start point of the task.

This feature will allow you to reduce fuel costs, increase the speed of completing tasks and improve productivity.

To optimize the route:

1. Create a route task, specify time and address of each point

2. Click “Optimize Route”

3. Set the starting point

4. Click “Optimize”

5. Now the points are set in the most convenient order. The courier can visit all addresses as quickly as possible.

Platform can optimize up to 25 points in one route task.

The system also takes into account the task start time. For example, if one of the points has a later interval than others, this point will always be the last in the queue.