Howen Technologies

If the platform sends automatic activation SMS and configuration commands, then you just need to run a standard activation procedure and set the same time zone in the devices and settings tab as you have on the device.

Otherwise, here is the step-by-step instruction to configure your Howen device.

Device Activation

1. Preconfigure your device on sending data to the server using the Howen tools for configuration.

  • For EU server: IP and port 47670
  • For US server (your account ID starts with 1000): IP and port 47670

2. Choose H protocol for MDVR and the comparison rate should be H.264.

3. Find the device’s ID, not IMEI.

4. Run the standard activation procedure on the platform specifying ID.

5. Once the device is online, the platform configures the device, setting up the address to send video.

6. Check the device’s timezone is same on device and in the devices and settings tab. Change it, if necessary.