GPS tracking & telematics platform

Track it all.

Telematics technology is evolving rapidly. Recent studies confirm that telematics market is expected to reach a global revenue of USD 233.24 billion by 2022. Telematics aspects like Connected Fleets, IoT and Dispatching have become the business cornerstones. Track Fleet is the only GPS tracking & Telematics platform that binds all the possibilities together. Corresponding to high standards, the platform can satisfy any business requirements of your customers: fleet security, fuel management, cold supply chain, work order management, etc.

One platform for all industries

A platform that can satisfy any business requirements: fleet security, fuel management, cold supply chain, last mile delivery, driver identification, fleet management, work order management, etc.

Web interface: most intuitive and user-friendly

Smart and simple, this is what you will say about the service. It meets the whole range of applications from pet tracking to sophisticated enterprise solution.

You will be able to access the necessary information immediately. You just need to login via any browser from any computer at work or at home.

GPS Mobile Apps for enterprise mobility

Track Fleets apps are available on iOS and Android and allow users track their assets from anywhere and locate people with GPS in their smartphones or tablets.

Moreover, the mobile apps allow to plan tasks and routes, transfer collected data and photos to office, report on visits online. The data that was gathered during the day, week or month can be simply analyzed then.

Rich mapping and powerful GIS tools

Unlock the full set of web maps and satellite views available on the market.

Custom map layers

Enable multiple cartographic styles designed to emphasize your brand’s identity or help to focus on particular geospatial data. Let corporate users visualize data they have in spreadsheets and databases, without allowing others to access it.


Multifaceted GIS

Enable 3D and HD maps, access the most valuable maps and data sour connect on-premise databases

3D maps

Use 3D visualization aids, which are of particular importance for mobile employees operation.

Mobile cartography

Visual 2D and 3D maps on mobile devices for increasing work efficiency in the fields.

Display scheduled tasks on the map and build optimal routes to destinations.

Hardware independent platform

Hundreds of supported GPS devices from various hardware manufacturers will help you quickly scale up your business and reach customers with different business needs and requirements.

Tight integration

The platform supports not only major, but also very specific features of GPS trackers including those which make them so special and attractive to you. Users will have access to all telemetry data and get a fully remote control of their devices with simple interactive widgets.

Engaging with top manufacturers

Track Fleet cultivates close links with top GPS tracking manufacturers which
spread their products around the world: Teltonika, BCE, Ruptela, Atrack, Concox etc. It means that your customers will be always among the first to have integrations of brand new top quality devices.

Activate in seconds. Configure in portlets.

Save time and effort to activate new devices on the platform. Automatic activation requires only few fields to be filled in and remote configuration allows to tune the trackers and sensors in the most intuitive way.

Automatic activation

Get a device online within seconds. The system detects APN settings for any SIM and uploads your configuration profile to the device using over-the-air technology. That enables you to deliver superior customer experience and reduce support costs.

Remote configuration

Manage device settings remotely through intuitive interface: tracking modes, sensors and outputs, CAN bus, harsh driving and more. Just put needed values in the fields or move the slider to adjust, e.g. sensor sensitivity, LBS detection radius etc.

Real time tracking

Wherever you are you will always stay aware of what’s happening. Track your objects within a meter accuracy. Stay informed of important events and react to any changes immediately.

Keep track of all the activities from PC or mobile device

Let trips make history

You will not lose any data about trips. All the history is stored for up to three years. Quick access to information for any period allows not to waste time on gathering the necessary data.

Handy trip browsing
View and compare trips on map. Several ways of visualization help the perception and optimized algorithms allow to quickly display even long trips.

Events and parkings
Display parking, fueling, speeding and other events on the generated trip. Get detailed information with just a click on the event icon.

Trip statistics
Get full access to general information about each trip including length, duration, average speed and fuel consumption. Quick statistics makes it easy to get the data without creating detailed reports.

Time machine: play back trips and events

Getting instant notifications is not always enough, but you have the opportunity to go back in time. The “Time Machine” feature takes you to the day and time of the trip. Reproduce the routes and follow the object moving on the map.

Events history

You will not miss a thing. The history of events will show the exact time and place of the event for each object. Everything that matters to you in constant access: speeding, fuel drainings, deviation from the route and much more. View the data directly on the map, on the timeline or in the reports.

Turn data into revenue

Analyze and benchmark fleet expenses, job performance of mobile employees and driving behavior with various reports and analytical tools offered by Track Fleet.

Perform in-depth analysis with visualized data

Reports are divided into detailed and summary. Visual tables, color bars and pie charts allow intuitevly perceive data.

To perform a comparative analysis, aggregate data by periods and object groups.

Provide each department with relevant analytical reports

Supervisors, accountants and analysts can immediately receive all the necessary data for their work. Likewise, user access to reports can be limited. It allows to cut off unnecessary functionality and focus on the essential one.


Data driven decisions

Eye-pleasing graphics, charts and vivid tables allow you to comprehensively analyze business processes, improve the accuracy of forecasting, identify critical points and take steps in the right direction.

  • Receive reports on e-mail
    Set up a schedule and get reports via email with the necessary regularity. Share information with the colleagues including them in the list of recipients.
  • Export to Excel and PDF
    Save reports in a convenient format for printing, working with data offline or using them with external applications.
  • API for interprogram communication
    Track Fleet reporting system provides advanced API tools for exchanging and processing information via HTTPS requests from other applications.

Eco Driving

Score drivers behind the wheel. Help your customers forget about fines and tickets, reduce number of road accidents and save money on fuel.

Control driving behavior of your fleet

Monitor violations on the road. Set parameters for each violation, get instant notifications and analyze the results for any period.


Learn whether drivers go over the speed limit or not. Save the fuel and cargo condition.

Excessive Idling

Get rid of needless idlings. Save fuel, engine lifetime and reduce carbon emission.

Harsh Driving

Prevent deadly accidents. Monitor harsh acceleration, harsh braking and cornering.

  • Instantly learn about violations
    Get alerts on violations by SMS or e-mail to take immediate actions. For example, if a driver has went over the allowed speed limit, a supervisor gets an alert with object name, overspeed value and location on map.
  • Analyze to reward or penalize
    Generate reports for detailed analysis of the committed violations for each driver. Investigate violation value, address, duration, penalty points and rating to evaluate general driver’s behavior for any period.
  • Vivid violation rigidity settings
    Configure each violation’s settings separately: speeding, excessive idling, harsh driving. Manage all the settings within vivid and intuitive portlets.

Fleet maintenance

Don’t miss any service job related to your fleet. Reduce costs оn fleet maintenance and prevent vehicles from sudden breakdowns.

Schedule service works and receive notifications

Let your customer keep the vehicles in mint condition. Create a detailed electronic service job checklist, manage it and follow the document clearly receiving notifications.

Schedule service jobs

Create and manage fleet related service works in several clicks. Schedule jobs by date, mileage and engine hours.

Manage the service checklist

View and print the list of planned service works at any time. Group jobs by vehicle types, fuel types and departments.

Be notified to perform on time

Get timely reminders about scheduled service works by SMS, email or push notifications to the mobile X-GPS Monitor app to increase fleet life cycle.

Fuel monitoring

Control fuel costs of the fleet and prevent fuel thefts. Along with that, let your clients meet the requirements of Fuel Tax regulations like IFTA, etc.

Tune sensors, analyze fillings/drains and be aware of thefts

A clear and intuitive calibration table, detailed graphical reports and instant notifications give the client a positive user experience of fuel monitoring.

Intuitive calibration

Create and manage fuel sensors in the most userfriendly way. The calibration chart adapts to various sensors and provides a large set of intuitive manual settings.

Prevent fuel thefts on the spot

Receive on-time alerts by SMS or Email to prevent fuel thefts. Once a fuel draining has been registered, the system sends an alert to a supervisor to solve the problem immediately.

Analyze each filling and drain

Generate detailed fuel reports for any period. View the vivid graphics, browse all the fillings and drains of each driver or dive into detalization table.

Driver identification

Protect fleet from unauthorized use, secure drivers and log every shift to further proceed with the data.

Control drivers’ shift changes and work/rest schedule

If several employees use one vehicle separately, “Driver ID” feature allows to monitor who’s driving right now, do easy calculations of each employee’s wage and learn how a driver sticks to work and rest requirements.

Real-time drivers control

Browse the widget to know which employee is driving right now and what time the shift change took place.

Shifts and work/rest analytics

Create visual reports with diagrams and tables. Find out employees’ shifts and time without rest for any period of time.

Learn about every shift change

Get instant notifications on e-mail or by SMS: shift in/out, SOS button, speeding, harsh driving.

Work order management

Easily manage mobile employees and automate daily routine

Comprehensive control

Your customers will be sure that their mobile employees work efficiently: know what they are doing and how the tasks are being performed.

The absence of control causes misconducts. Two-thirds of mobile employees admit they do their personal business at work. On top of it, companies suffer from poor organization of work in the fields: inconvenient information exchange and problematic planning.

Track Fleet allows your clients to utilize mobile employee resources to its full extent, accurately measure its productivity and financial expenses.

Control to increase productivity:

  • Monitor employees location
  • Effectively distribute assignments
  • Reliably measure the level of service
  • Accurately calculate productivity and costs
  • Location
    Control all the movements online and browse the trips.
  • Tasks
    Schedule task, send it to employee’s smartphone and watch the performance.
  • Statuses
    Employees can inform how busy they are.
  • Chat
    Convenient 2-way communication between field employees and dispatchers.
  • Analytics
    Analyze the results, take into account the time spent in every task place and spent fuel.

Establish effective work processes within mobile team:

  • Sales representatives
  • Merchandisers
  • Service engineers
  • Mounters
  • Drivers
  • Security guards
  • Couriers
  • Promoters

Communicate and report fast without any papers

After or during every task mobile employees can fill in online forms with vital data of an order or customer and send it to office with a few taps on their smartphones.

Likewise, employees can send photos, files and electronic signatures. It allows to instantly informing colleagues in the office and collect all the necessary data for further processing.

Employees, supervisors, executives. Convenient and useful to everyone.

The success of business depends on employees. Provide the colleagues with useful and intuitive tools for their everyday work. Watch how the productivity of the team and the level of customer service are increasing.

Field employee
The mobile application for the field employee is like a personal electronic
assistant. It includes a clear visit list, convenient navigator, tools for communication with the office during the day and an ability to quickly report on the work done.

No need to waste time on calls and refinement. An operator can effectively control personnel in the fields with situational monitoring. Track Fleet allows conveniently take orders online, find free resources within seconds, communicate and react quickly on non-standard situations.

Make grounded decisions on how to make better use of resources and make team work more productive

Utilize an easy-to-use task manager to distribute jobs among employees in accordance with the availability and distance. Leave comments to assignments and communicate with colleagues in a chat room to resolve sudden issues. Get reliable online reports about the completed assignments: completed task forms, photos from the task point and others.

Top manager, executive
The right management decisions are made on the basis of measuring key indicators. Track Fleet provides executives and top managers with visual reports that will help objectively evaluate the effectiveness of each employee or subdivision. The most important metrics are complemented by tools for assessing work discipline, accounting for costs related to spent working time and fuel.