GPS tracking devices

You can activate any GPS tracking devices listed in the supported models list. If some models are not listed and you would like us to support it, please contact us.

Page content:

  • How do users activate their devices
  • Activation code: what is it
  • FAQs and Troubleshooting

How do users activate their devices

Actually it is very simple. After user logins to user account he will be prompted to click the Device activation icon GPS tracking devices to activate his first device. By clicking it, he will launch the activation wizard.

In that wizard a user will be asked for:

  • Object name – any label which user prefers (e.g. My tracker)
  • Device model – sorted alphabetically and grouped by manufacturers

On the next step the following information will be required, depending on the chosen model:

  • Activation code (optional)
  • Device ID or IMEI – depends on the model (when necessary)
  • SIM card phone number – to send configuration and control M2M commands
  • APN settings – if DEF prefix for the SIM card number is not found in the database

Activation code: what is it?

Activation code – is a secret code a user must enter into the device activation wizard to be able and activate the device. To get this code please contact us.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Here come some frequent questions and answers which most likely will help you when you experience issues with activating your tracking devices (especially when you do this with us for the first time).

Tracker timezone: always reset to UTC+0h

Though it is common to set up observer’s local time zone on devices (and almost all GPS tracker models support that feature), we do not recommend doing this, because it adds some level of complexity in terms of technical support and reduces user’s possibilities (i.e. when multiple users in different time zones are tracking the same devices).

Instead we consider that all devices are configured to UTC+0h time zone, which means no time converting is made on the device side. In user account preferences it is easy to set the right time zone (furthermore you can define time zone by default for all users of your service).

Fortunately in most cases you don’t even need to think about that for the following reasons:

  1. Default factory settings for devices are usually set to UTC time zone, so just leave it as it is.
  2. We automatically resets time zone during device activation with appropriate M2M command. Probably we do that not for all models, but we try not to forget about that, otherwise, please report us on the issue with your particular model.
  3. If you configure devices manually (e.g. manually switch them from another platform to our) please make sure that you reset time zone to UTC+0h.

Q1. What happens if I forget to reset the time zone?

Well, nothing critical, but you either will see that location is not updated (when server considers that data has relation to “future” and not valid) or see that location is outdated than actual (if server considers that data came from “past” / was buffered).

Q2. Can I insist on using local time zone?

You can try 🙂 Actually our platform does support time zone shifting for tracked assets, but, as being said, we believe it’s not a good practice and it will eventually confuse you.