Map tools

We provide wide set of tools to work with maps, addresses, tags, POIs, geofences, directions and many other items which have relation to visualization of assets and geospatial information.

Main map toolbar is located on the top right section of the screen.

Map search. Search by coordinates, addresses, names, and places that you added yourself

POI. You can create or upload places and enable/disable their display on the map

Geofences. Create geofences and show/hide them off the map

Maps. Switch between maps and view modes like traffic, transit or bicycling

Additional feature toolbar is located on bottom right and provides access to following features:

Directions. Get directions between selected points on the map, see the length of the route

Reference point. Set a point anywhere on the map to see its location and address. Enables sorting trackers by distance from set point

Zoom. Change zoom levels for selected map