Mobile workforce management
during COVID-19

Mobile workforce management
during COVID-19

Businesses face a new challenge. The outbreak has forced companies to urgently go remote or mobile without the right tools.

To painlessly adapt to the new reality we provide X-GPS Application

Organize the work of
mobile and remote staff

Schedule jobs and monitor locations

Send tasks, routes and files directly to the employee’s smartphone. Check the whereabouts in real-time, at the end of the shift or play back any trip in the past.

Provide excellent and safe service

Enable the team to share activities remotely. Browse through check-ins and pictures, mobile forms and other field data to instantly rate the performance. Go digital and limit contact with paper to protect customers and staff.

Instant statuses and geotagged messages

Provide important information company-wide and receive location-tagged messages in the in-app chat. Track employees’ working time and check availability for urgent tasks.

Go mobile. Start now

Try X-GPS Tracker now and throughout the pandemic.
No additional hardware is required: the app works great o
any smartphone or tablet of any make or OS.

Let’s stop COVID-19 together! #stopCOVID