Repeatable service work

Repeatable service tasks are necessary for the automatic creation of vehicle maintenance tasks. Such tasks will be created by the system at specified intervals. For example, it is necessary to change the engine oil. Here you have the possibility to specify – when the service work should be done for the first time, at 10,000 km of run or upon reaching 300 engine hours or just every 180 days.

How to configure repeatable tasks

1. Activate the Auto-repeat option. The next similar job will be created by the platform after the current one.

2. Select the vehicle for the service task. The vehicle must be assigned to a GPS tracker. The platform will take information about engine hours and mileage from it.

3. Enter a task’s name. If you wish, you can also fill in the description and cost of a task.

4. Specify who will receive notifications. You can specify the email and/or phone number of the person responsible for the task. To add additional mail or phone number, press +.

5. Specify the service interval based on the next conditions:

a. By date – the work has to be done at certain intervals. It may be relevant for scheduled maintenance of the car.

  • Execute: specify the date of the first service work.
  • Interval: enter the time interval, after which a new task shall be created after the first work is completed.
  • Remind before: indicate how many days in advance you want to be notified of the forthcoming work.

The platform takes into account the Remind before parameter to set the first execution and intervals.

b. By mileage – the work must be done when you reach a certain mileage. To make this condition available, you must configure the odometer counter for the GPS tracker that is assigned to the vehicle.

  • Execute: specify the target mileage of the first task. It can be less than the current one in case you need to make changes in the odometer counter.
  • Every: indicate interval after how many km a new service should be performed.
  • Remind before: enter how many km in advance you need to notify the person in charge of the upcoming service work.

c. By engine hours – the task should be done when a certain number of engine hours is reached. The GPS tracker must have a counter of engine hours set.

  • Execute: specify at how many engine hours the first service operation should be performed.
  • Every: enter the number of hours after which the next service should be carried out.
  • Remind before: indicate the number of hours the person in charge must be notified before the work.

The parameter Remind before must be less than the interval for all conditions.

6. If necessary, you can attach a file with the necessary information.

You have created the repeatable service work successfully.