DDD files

DDD files are files that tachographs use to store information about driver compliance and rest. These files also help to identify irregularities in tachographs.

The storage time of DDD files and the frequency of their retrieval are determined by the rules of tachographs. For example, in Russia and European countries DDD-files are unloaded once in 28 days from the driver’s card, once in 90 days from the tachograph and stored for 1 year.

In some countries, it is allowed to store DDD-files without specifying the data of the vehicle owner.

Initial setup

Data from a company or driver card is unloaded via a card reader, which must be connected to a computer. The company number must be specified in the TachoAuthClient application.

The application can be obtained by contacting technical support.

Setting up DDD files download

Specify the company card number (internal document of the organization), click “Save”.

Specify the e-mail addresses to which the files will be sent. A tap on + button opens an additional field for entering the e-mail address. You can add up to 5 mailing addresses.

DDD files download

To send a file manually, click on the “Download” button near the necessary file.

Download can takes 5-10 minutes. Ignition must be on during download, otherwise process must be repeated.