Data Forwarding

Transmit GPS tracking and telematics data from Navixy to other servers and 3rd party apps using the API and web services.

What is data forwarding?

Data forwarding (data retransmission) is a software feature that allows sending Navixy GPS tracking and telematics data across servers or to 3rd party applications in real time. Data that can be forwarded may include the following:

  • Vehicle data
  • GPS location
  • IoT device data

Data forwarding can be carried out offline or near instantly at the time of data transmission.

How data forwarding works

The collected vehicle data is sent in a protocol (format) to an address and port specified by the user. Navixy offers various data forwarding protocols options based on your specific needs inside of the User interface.

Data forwarding has three main purposes:

  1. Government regulation compliance
    In some countries, authorities collect data about vehicles (location, speed, etc.) using specific protocols in accordance with local laws.
  2. Enterprise integrations
    Typically, large businesses in spaces such as retail or logistics require suppliers to send GPS and telematics data to their systems to meet contractual obligations (e.g. timely deliveries, temperature or vibration thresholds for cargo levels).
  3. Data consolidation
    These protocols are needed to integrate various components of complex software systems that often require data normalization; especially when those are provided by multiple independent vendors.

Manage data forwarding

View, transmit data and forwarding destinations.

Managing data forwarding in the platform

You can manage Data forwarding using the corresponding panel in the “Devices and settings” section.

In this portlet you can:

  • Link one or more retranslators to a device
  • Specify the ID that will be used when sending data (by default, the same ID is used as for the device itself)
  • Unlink retranslators from device
  • Create new and edit existing retranslators by clicking the “Retranslators management” button

Retranslators management

For the retranslator, you can set the following parameters:

  • Name (any, serves for convenience)
  • Data transfer protocol (of supported)
  • Destination server address and port
  • Login and password for authorization on the receiving server (if required)
  • Retranslator activity (enabled or disabled)

You can create as many retranslators as you want, if it is not limited to your subscription plan. Retranslator profiles can be edited, deleted or suspended.


Government Regulation Compliance Protocols

Protocol Description
SOAP-based protocol for retranslation to other servers. This protocol was used by construction companies during preparation for the Olympic games in 2014.
Communication protocol that allows sending telematic information to the Peruvian government for monitoring units that work in mining, gas, and regulated industry supervised by OSINERGMIN.
RNIS is the unified regional navigation and information system of Moscow. The system is used to control transport in the city by providing vehicle movement information to government agencies.

Enterprise Compliance

Protocol Description
Altotrack Chep Mexico Alto Track Chep data forwarding protocol allows data retransmission of vehicle positions from the Chep platform to the Altotrack HUB.
ArmCargo Forwards data to Asset Risk Management service for further processing and risk assessment.
Cargo Online Forwards data to CargoOnline service.
ILSP Data forwarding protocol that enables ILSP’s software to share vehicle data across networks. ILSP is a private security services company operating in Mexico.
Localizar-t A protocol that allows data forwarding to Localizar-t’s logistics project called Forza.
ReC Solutions Forwards data to ReC Servicios Consultores servers.
Recurso Confiable Data forwarding protocol used by companies that work with Recurso Confiable’s security and logistics software across multiple industries in Mexico, Colombia, United States, and Central America.
SafetyNet Pulsian Protocol that forwards received SOS alarms to a SafetyNet CAD server (Emergency assistance). Alerts will be generated showing a ticker ID in 911 system.
SimpliRoute Data retransmission protocol used to deliver vehicle tracking data to SimpliRoute.
TraceReports Forwards data to TraceReports system.
Unigis Enables reception of vehicle location and telemetry data in Unigis’ TMS platform. TMS is used by logistics departments of manufacturers and retail chains in the U.S., Spain, and Latin American countries. Contractors that work with those companies may be required to share their fleet data.
Wirtrack Forwards data to Wirsolut services.

Data Consolidation

Protocol Description
AVL Control Protocol forwards data to AVL Control servers for further processing and generation of automated actions for security management, control, and statistics.
Granit3 Forwards data to Santel navigation servers.
Startrack Startrack is a logistics company with a SOAP-based protocol that receives data from Navixy.
Transnavigation Forwards data to Transnavigation servers. Data forwarding protocol.
Navixy Web Service Navixy Web Service is a SOAP-based data forwarding protocol that transmits fleet data from the Navixy system to any third-party system.
SA-RM Data forwarding protocol.
Wialon IPS Publicly available data forwarding protocol from Gurtam for retranslating GPS and GLONASS tracker data to satellite monitoring servers/third-party resources.
Wisetrack Forwards data to the Wisetrack servers.