One platform for all


Logistics and

Enable companies to provide
uncompromised goods safety and
great customer experience with the
help of IoT and telematics.

Logistics and Transportation

Know where
your assets are

Track cargo even when it travels through remote towns, warehouses,
ports, etc. with a satellite accuracy. Don’t worry about losing the objects due to a dead battery – thanks to LP-WAN it will last for years.

high-value goods

Keep cargo out of thieves’ reach. Make sure container doors remain
locked through real-time widgets, alerts and container seals. Protect trailers from being uncoupled. Respond instantly.

delivery timing

Deliver excellent customer experience with prompt and timely deliveries.
Calculate exact timing and pricing of services based on comprehensive trip data.

More features

  1. Safeguard goods condition
    Estimate the mechanical impact of harsh driving and unloading.
    Stay aware of falls and crashes. Receive alarms in case of
    detours. Protect property and claim fair damage compensations.
  2. Keep products fresh and safe
    Control temperature and humidity inside the trailer. Monitor
    ambient temperature and calculate possible hazards. Disable
    doors opening to maintain perfect freshness of perishable goods.
  3. Improved and Increased utilization of equipment
    Know when, where and for how long exactly expensive equipment
    (cranes, forklifts, etc.) has been used. Increase efficiency of
    in-house machines and rented facilities.
  4. Big transparent data
    Introduce paper-free approach and keep all trip data in one
    digital place. Use simple and powerful REST API to import
    and export data for advanced analysis and integrations.
  5. Avoid dangerous areas, change routes on the go
    Benefit from automatic routing that considers limitations and
    traffic constraints. Efficiently find alternative routes in case of
    danger. Enable safe and fast freight transportation.
  6. Connect any GPS hardware
    Use any GPS and IoT hardware you are most comfortable with.
    Migrate any number of devices, geofences and POI on Track Fleet.
    Activate and setup hardware in seconds.

Oil and Gas

Provide oil, gas and mining
corporations with precise locations
and visibility to cut costs and
minimize loses.

Pin accurate

Upstream objects are often located
in remote areas. Precisely pinned
location will be crucial for
equipment deliveries and surveying
potential drilling sites.

Save on equipment

Minimize non-productive time
(NPT) with condition-based
maintenance. Enable maintenance
scheduled by engine hours and
receive prompt reminders.

Gain visibility into

Enable data monitoring right on screen
without leaving the office or sending
people to production sites. Stay aware of
any locations, work statuses and
equipment utilization.

More features

  1. Analyse data in real time
    Analyse internal operations and their impact on investments in real
    time. Impose corrective measures to reach the efficiency and
    productivity as planned.
  2. Add your own layouts
    Oil and gas premises are often kept in confidence without
    detailed maps of the site. Upload proprietary layouts to provide
    amplified visibility.
  3. Prevent disasters
    Respond to emergency situations with no time wasted. Introduce
    a panic button to protect personnel and equipment operating in
    remote areas.
  4. Connect wells and facilities
    Put all on-shore and off-shore facilities (movable and
    stationary assets) on the same map. Check data from other
    oil fields and implement it for higher efficiency.
  5. Protect expensive equipment
    Keep an eye on expensive assets even if located far away.
    Prevent unauthorized use of equipment. Receive early
    warnings in case of theft of loss.
  6. Monitor conditions
    Connect multiple sensors to get a whole picture. Receive
    notifications for drastic and sudden changes. Easily export
    these metrics to third-party solutions.

Construction and
Heavy Equipment

Grant construction companies a
bird’s-eye view of equipment
utilization, alerts and accidents with
one telematics platform.


Create geofences and receive alerts when equipment leaves or enters the site, district or town. Prevent unauthorized use. Track assets in real time.


Check equipment utilization. Browse through working hours, motor hours and time spent idling. Make sure the rented facilities are put to use to optimize costs and expenses.


Use the telematics platform to schedule equipment maintenance based on its utilization or time spans. Receive timely reminders and notifications.

Popular use cases

  1. Find the nearest facility in seconds
    Detect the nearest available machine. Use tags to specify capacity
    and find the best fit. Use fuel sensors for remote tank monitoring
    to make sure it has enough fuel.
  2. React to alerts with no time wasted
    Use one telematics platform to have a comprehensive view of all
    machine sensors. Enable smoke and fall alerts to instantly
    respond to any emergencies.
  3. Enjoy automatic and precise data logging
    All locations, trips and other important metrics (motor hours, trip
    durations, etc.) are logged automatically. Check data for any time
    periods and generate reports in one click.
  4. Integrate cutting-edge technologies
    Enjoy drone’s-eye view and drone surveys. Effortlessly
    integrate the latest technologies on the telematics
    platform and monitor expensive assets in real time.
  5. Add your own layouts
    Upload proprietary layouts to have a better visibility of the
    construction site. The layers and other data will be kept in total
    confidence. Use any sources you can benefit from.
  6. Enable a SOS-button
    A SOS-button will be a game changer for assets operating in
    remote areas. Take care of your equipment and teams.
    Increase their safety and security.

Hi-tech driven

IoT and Telematics help to farm
smarter, carefully use resources,
effectively collect and analyse data.

Control livestock

Track the location of cattle, horses and other animals in real time. Set
geofences and get instant alerts if the animals are out of range. Receive early warnings in case of theft.

Recover lost

Know exactly where your equipment is if it gets lost or stolen. Check the
data for any periods in the past or use a time machine to reconstruct the events and locations.

Benefit with self-driving tractors

Introduce efficient cost-saving driverless tractors and keep a digital eye on any operations. Receive urgent notifications if it gets off track and check data in real time. Hi-tech driven agriculture

More features

  1. Embrace precision farming
    Allow decisions to be made per square meter or even per plant rather than for a field. Use precise location to enable the most efficient technologies and get a good harvest.
  2. Manage the field remotely
    Provide forefront solutions using accurate GPS location and alerts. Equip GPS hardware with any vital sensors and manage them directly on the platform.
  3. Deploy drones and additional equipment
    Use drones not only for mapping and surveys but also to deliver fertilizers and pesticides. Stay fully aware of any movement of the expensive equipment.
  4. Monitor climate conditions
    Employ weather stations to accumulate data from various sensors and predict possible crop diseases. Receive alerts to take timely measures and protect the harvest.
  5. Big data, big analysis
    Intergrate the GPS tracking and telematics platform with other apps through REST API for data collection and analysis. Keep all metrics in one digital place.
  6. Keep products fresh and safe
    Deliver products fresh from the farm and guaranty their quality and freshness. Keep track of temperature and humidity inside the truck. Enjoy smooth and accident-free driving.

benefiting from
GPS Asset

Retail and Distribution
Track fleet, cargo and mobile employees. Enjoy excellent discipline and cost efficiency. Generate digital documents and share them with a click.

Monitor location and utilization of any movable or stationary asset. Set maintenance reminders to avoid breakdowns and downtimes

Locate the nearest ambulance and EMS team online. Track all assets on a single map to provide necessary assistance with no time wasted.

Track armoured trucks along the route. Increase security and safety of valuable assets and guarantee fast emergency response.