GPS Vehicle Tracker Capabilities

Though car GPS trackers have varied features, the real-time tracking ability makes them coveted safety devices. Along with this, most car GPS trackers provide geofences—virtual boundaries around defined areas—and customizable alerts in the form of email or cell phone notifications.

You can place one on your car’s frame or inside your glove box to track your vehicle in case of theft or to monitor your teen’s driving habits. The most basic ones monitor the location of the car, while more advanced trackers give you detailed car statistics, like at what points harsh braking occurred and if the oil needs to be changed.

Parents may want to use car GPS trackers to keep an eye on their teenage drivers. These drivers are some of the riskiest drivers on the road, and unfortunately, 6 teen drivers die every day from motor vehicle injuries. These young drivers are inexperienced and tend to take uncalculated risks, but a car GPS tracker can help parents teach their children good driving habits.